Woodford Reserve Bourbon Gift Set

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Gift Set


  • Brand:Woodford Reserve
  • Categories:Bourbon, Whiskey
  • ABV:45.2%
  • Woodford Reserve is built around flavor. The art of making fine bourbon first took place on the site of the Woodford Reserve Distillery, a National Historic Landmark, in 1812. The perfectly balanced taste of our Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is composed of more than 200 detectable flavor notes, from bold grain and wood, to sweet aromatics, spice, and fruit & floral notes. Gift set contents may differ from the image shown, and varies based on distillery production and retailer inventory. Please contact customer support with any questions.


Woodford Reserve Bourbon Gift Set

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Woodford Reserve is a brand of premium small batch Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey produced in Woodford County, Kentucky, by the Brown-Forman Corporation. It is made from a mixture of copper pot still spirits produced at the company’s Woodford Reserve Distillery, and column still spirits from the Brown Forman Distillery in Shively, Kentucky. Each 45.2% alcohol by volume (90.4 US Proof) bottle bears a unique batch and bottle number. The brand was introduced in 1996. Domestic sales of Woodford Reserve surpassed one million cases in 2021.Woodford Reserve Bourbon Gift Set,Buy whiskey online. USA,where to buy quality Bourbon whiskeys online USA,order woodford reserve for sale USA

The Woodford Reserve Distillery, formerly known as the Old Oscar Pepper Distillery and later the Labrot & Graham Distillery, is approximately eight miles from the town of Versailles in north-central Kentucky, off U.S. Route 60 between Interstate 64 and Versailles.

Distilling began on the site of the current day distillery in 1812. Although the site has not been continuously operational as a distillery since, the main structure, built in 1838, stands as one of the oldest distilleries in Kentucky. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and is designated as a National Historic Landmark for its well-preserved distillery architecture and its role in the development of the bourbon industry.

Originally established by Elijah Pepper, the distillery was passed on to his son and known as the Oscar Pepper Distillery when James C. Crow worked there in the mid-19th century. During this time Crow undertook a series of activities that improved and codified the understanding and quality of key bourbon-making processes such as sour mash fermentation, pot still distillation and barrel maturation.: 24  After Oscar Pepper died in 1867 the distillery was passed to his son James E. Pepper. The Pepper family sold the property to Leopold Labrot and James Graham in 1878, who owned and operated it (except during Prohibition) until it was sold to the Brown-Forman Corporation in 1941. Brown-Forman operated it until the late 1960s, then sold the property and its accompanying acreage to a local farmer. Brown-Forman re-purchased the property in 1993, refurbished it, and brought it back into operation. The Woodford Reserve brand was introduced to the market in 1996.

The distillery produces: Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, Woodford Reserve Straight Rye Whiskey, Woodford Reserve Straight Malt Whiskey, and Woodford Reserve Wheat Whiskey. It also distills some limited edition releases, including Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection, Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Batch Proof, a Kentucky-only Distillery Series, and a special commemorative bottle it releases annually in conjunction with its official sponsorship of the Kentucky Derby.Woodford Reserve Bourbon Gift Set,Buy whiskey online. USA,where to buy quality Bourbon whiskeys online USA,order woodford reserve for sale USA

This Woodford Reserve Bourbon Gift Basket includes:

  • 1 x Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey 750ml
  • 1 x Standard Gift Basket with Tasty Treats!

This bottle can be engraved for a unique and personalized gift.

The engraving is on the front of the bottle and can be customized with text.

The font is hand-picked by the engraver to complement the lettering on the label.

If this product does not have an option for engraving and you would like it personalized please email us at [email protected] for availability and a quote. Engraving takes an additional 3-5 Business Days plus shipping time for delivery. If you upgraded your order for faster shipping, the upgrade will apply to the time it takes to get your gift to your recipient AFTER the engraving process. We do our best to get orders out as quickly as possible.


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