WhistlePig The Boss Hog Edition


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VENDOR: WhistlePig
SIZE: 750mL
REGION: Vermont


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WhistlePig The Boss Hog Edition

Samurai Scientist was the debut Boss Hog release from master blender Pete Lynch, and scored 92 points.

About the distillery

WhistlePig Whiskey is located on one of the oldest farms in Vermont, USA. Former Master Distiller, Dave Pickerell, a luminary in the world of whiskey, was one of the nation’s pre-eminent master distillers. Before joining WhistlePig, Dave spent 14 years as Maker’s Mark Master Distiller in Loretto, Kentucky. Despite his passing in 2018, he helped the WhistlePig team create the standard in what he regards as his “magnum opus”: WhistlePig 100% Straight Rye Whiskey.

Other Information

The Samurai Scientist is the sixth edition to the Boss Hog series comprising of straight rye whisky. This whiskey was finished in Umeshu barrels. This bottle is from barrel #27.

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The 6th Edition of Whistlepig’s Boss Hog Series is a single barrel, bottled at proof, and one of the most unique juices.

On the rare occasion that Dave Pickerell’s five promises are realized, The Samurai Scientist is the epitome of WhistlePig’s odyssey to unlock the potential of Rye Whiskey. The Boss Hog Edition 六 is the first American Whiskey finished using Japanese Umeshu, the result of a true collaboration between WhistlePig and the Kitaya brewery on Japan’s Kyushu island.

This well aged Straight Rye Whiskey was created using koji fermentation. Each bottle is adorned with The Samurai Scientist – Jōkichi Takamine – who pioneered koji fermentation in the American whisky industry over a century ago.
Each bottle barrel is bottled at strength, between 120 – 122 proof.

VENDOR: WhistlePig
SIZE: 750mL
REGION: Vermont



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