SKYY Infusions Blood Orange

SKYY Infusions Blood Orange


SKYY Infusions® Blood Orange is an alluring infusion of premium SKYY®Vodka made with real blood orange, displaying the natural sweetness; deep, refined complexity; and mouth-watering juiciness of blood orange. It has an enticing aroma of sweet orange zest followed by juicy real orange pulp and hints of spice and caramel.



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Skyy Infusions Blood Orange Vodka has an aroma of candied orange, like a cross between blood orange juice and Tang, that completely obscures any aroma from the vodka.

Skyy Blood Orange vodka tastes of candied orange; it has a faint taste of blood orange juice but more Tang from your childhood and hard orange candies.

Skyy already makes a fine citrus vodka, so why mess with things by introducing a Blood Orange version? Because it’s even better.

The juicy blood Orange is the king of citrus fruits, and sure enough it makes for a mighty fruit-infused vodka, too. This one if amazingly fruit-forward, really lush with authentic orange notes: Tart and very sweet. That slight hint of strawberry and pineapple adds to the experience, giving this an almost tropical bent to it.

Flavored vodkas are usually hardly anything to get excited about, but this one’s worth stocking.



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