Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey


  • Brand:Jack Daniel’s
  • Categories:American Whiskey, Whiskey
  • ABV:40%
Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack is an exceptionally smooth Tennessee whiskey with a rich, rewarding taste and a gentle farewell. Crafted by combining traditional methods with a unique process that’s all its own, Gentleman Jack undergoes a second charcoal mellowing to achieve exceptional smoothness.


Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey

Gentleman Jack Bottling Note

Jack Daniel’s gentleman jack is a smooth and sophisticated whiskey, perfect for enjoying neat or on the rocks. It has a distinctively rich flavour, with notes of vanilla and spice.Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey,Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey for sale USA,order Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack Whiskey

Gentleman Jack is a premium version of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee `Whiskey. The main difference is that it enjoys a ‘double mellowing’ as it’s filtered through charcoal both before being filled into the barrel (the Lincoln County Process) and once again before it’s bottled.

Gentleman Jack is certainly good enough to enjoy on its own. In his book Whisky: The Manual Dave Broom also suggests that Gentleman Jack actually works better than the regular Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 in a Jack and Coke.

Gentleman Jack was Jack Daniel’s first major line extension back in 1988. At that time, American whiskey was perceived much differently than it is currently, fighting vodka for just a little bit of shelf space with nowhere near the surge of popularity it’s seeing today.

Gentleman Jack undergoes the same Lincoln County Process (charcoal mellowing) as standard Jack Daniel’s after distillation and before barrelling, at which point there is still no distinction between the two whiskeys. The second charcoal mellowing, which takes place after aging but before bottling, is what makes Gentleman Jack different from standard Jack Daniel’s.
The process is considered a subtractive process, removing harsh impurities with the intent of making the whiskey more “smooth.” Along with the impurities, the process also removes color and flavor. While many whiskeys are filtered through charcoal after aging in barrels, the extent to which Gentleman Jack is charcoal mellowed a second time after aging isn’t a common practice.

The resulting whiskey is very smooth, as the bottle suggests with the phrase “Ultimate Smoothness” written in gold on the top of its black cap. At 80 proof it’s more full-flavored than I expected compared to most 80 proof whiskeys, however it is still very light. A nice balance of caramel, vanilla, and oak, it will have a wide appeal to those who want to sip whiskey but want to keep it light. Unfortunately, it is less characteristically “Jack” than its standard Old No. 7 counterpart, which makes it less interesting for someone who wants to explore a bit further and contemplate what they’re drinking.


Soft vanilla and caramel mingle with summer fruit, light oak, and a touch of banana. A small dab of maple syrup in the background offers additional sweetness. The overall aroma is pleasant and familiar, but lacks enough punch to make a lasting impression.


Subtle banana is followed by a soft wash of sweet flavors – caramel, vanilla custard, honey, brown sugar, and oak. The delivery is very even, and as suggested by the writing on the bottle, smooth. While not intense, the overall depth of flavor is more than the whiskey’s 80 proof suggests, offering a surprising amount of structure behind the sweetness.



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