High West Double Rye Whiskey

High West Double Rye Whiskey


  • Brand:High West
  • Categories:Rye Whiskey, Whiskey
  • ABV:46%


High West Double Rye Whiskey

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High West Double Rye! Barrel Aged Rye Whiskey combines a young, spicy 2-year-old rye whiskey with a smooth, older counterpart. The resulting blended whiskey features a spirited flavor with rye spices up front, then menthol, mint, eucalyptus and herbal tea with wildflower honey underneath, gradually sweetening through the finish with a hint of anise. This fine 92-proof American whiskey blends straight ryes that undergo oak barrel aging for two to seven years in new, charred white oak barrels. The spicy flavor of this bottle of whiskey fortifies classics like an Old Fashioned or Manhattan cocktail. With a perfect balance of cinnamon, anise, and honey whiskey flavors, High West Double Rye! is also great served neat – with a little water – or on the rocks. Try this whiskey straight up in the solitude of a campfire, savor it with favorite old friends or share it with a good-looking stranger. Choose High West and enjoy delicious craft whiskey made with the pioneering spirit of the West. Sip Responsibly. © 2020 High West Distillery, Park City, UT. 46% alc. by vol.

High West Double Rye! is the entry level rye offering from High West Distillery. For years, the rye consisted of a blend of sourced ryes consisting of a 2 year old MGP rye and 16 year old Barton rye. However, starting in 2018, the company started to substitute the 16 year sourced whiskey with the company’s own distillate that is aged up to 7 years. While exact ratios of the blend are not released by the company, they have stated in the past that the portion of home made High West rye in the blend will always remain the minority, never surpassing 50% of the blend.

Light hay, pine, a touch of oak, and the slightest of rye spice start things off. Weaving throughout are also prominent scents of fresh dill. The flavors play off one another well, however it’s an odd combination for a rye, foregoing the typical spice notes for a more pronounced herbaceous scent profile. It makes you pause to ponder exactly what scents are in the glass. In this case, the odd aroma isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as its uniqueness is what makes it interesting.


The palate is on the lighter side of the spectrum. Muted sweet vanilla, oak, light flavors of honey, cinnamon stick, and light botanical notes come into view. Pushing against these flavors is a more prominent rye spice. Unlike the nose, the youth plays a more noticeable role as the younger rye’s two years in the barrel comes across as lighter and more muted notes. The end result is an average yet forgettable palate.


A flash of sweet rye spice starts the finish, followed by touches of sweet vanilla and oak. A simmering heat is present and is eventually joined by drier oak notes. Medium in length, the finish follows the same path that the palate did in presenting a fine yet forgettable way to end the sip.


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