Disaronno Amaretto Cavalli W/2 Gls

Disaronno Amaretto Cavalli W/2 Gls


  • Brand:Disaronno Amaretto
  • Categories:Liqueur, Nuts, Amaretto Liqueur
  • ABV:28%


Disaronno Amaretto Cavalli W/2 Gls

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Disaronno is one of the most well-known Italian liqueurs, made from a centuries-old recipe of unnamed fruits and herbs designed for a very sweet taste. They say the recipe stems from an innkeeper’s liqueur made in 1525 that was discovered by the Reina family, who began product in DiSaronno Originale in the 17th century from Saronnon, Italy. They further claim the recipe is a closely guarded secret, saying only that it contains “select herbs and fruits” but is widely regarded as an almond-flavored spirit in the amaretto tradition.

Disaronno Velvet, the iconic brand’s latest innovation to the liqueur category. Incredibly smooth, Velvet boasts the floral character of almonds with nuances of chocolate and vanilla. Velvet is the a perfect choice for those who love sophisticated cream liqueurs. Blending the unique flavor of Disaronno and the richness of a velvety cream, Disaronno Velvet is best served over ice, or to add a touch of Italian elegance to your favorite cream cocktails

The much-loved Disaronno has made its first foray into cream liqueurs with this Disaronno Velvet expression! It’s the brand’s first line extension in over 500 years, which is pretty cool.

There’s still all the hallmark, nutty flavours we know and love from the original Disaronno (which comes from apricot pits, don’t you know), but with a smooth, creamy oomph!

Disaronno Velvet is a smooth, creamy liqueur with a rich, velvety texture. It’s perfect for sipping on its own or using in cocktails. Disaronno Velvet has a delicate almond flavour that is both sweet and nutty.

Disaronno Velvet is delicious enough to drink on its own, over ice, but it also mixes well in cocktails.

Disaranno Velvet Cream Liqueur is a distinct change for Disaronno, not just in taste, texture, and profile, but the fact that they did any change from their standard product, much less such a radical departure. Disaronno is practically synonymous with Amaretto in most of the world by virtue of marketing if nothing else.

Appearance: Very light tan cream color with only the smallest clear edgeline separation

First Impression: Almonds and fresh cream with some whiffs of alcohol in the background.Overall a homogenous blending of smells

Taste: Sweet almond with oil/creamy entry with medium-heavy mouthfeel entry. Nicely thick mouthfeel and sugar and cream are not overdone.

Drinks: The new White Russian using Russian Standard Vodka and The Disaronno Velvet Cream Liqueur or the Diffords Guide Blushin Russian
swapping out the cream for the velvet is a great choice. Also great with vanilla ice cream in a blender for a Toasted Almond or a Mom Milkshake

Bottle: In stark contrast to its forebear, this bottle is coated with an opaque white covering and a white square plastic screw-off top. The gold lettering spelling Disaronno is much the same and the coat of arms is the same, but that is about it. The label on the front looks like a misprint, till you see that the white is a splash of the cream as printed on the label.

Other: Shelf life of about 6 months. Also, check the best by date on the back before purchasing.

Final Thoughts: A bit split on this one frankly…
On one hand, it is very convenient and well made, ready to go off the shelf. On the other hand, it is kind of pricey for what it is, limited shelf life, and frankly might be a lot to get through for one person. Personally, I think it is a great ready-use product especially for bars or if you intend to get through a bottle in the 6-month window. Otherwise, you might want to just buy a bottle of their amaretto and some heavy cream as you need it and mix your own in smaller batches so as not to commit to an entire bottle of just the Velvet and use the rest of the amaretto for other drinks.



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