Yellow Spot Irish Whiskey

Yellow Spot Irish Whiskey


REGION: Ireland

ABV: 46%

COLOUR: Light caramel.



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NOSE: Fresh nectarines, dried fruit, wood, and barley heaps of fruity sweetness. Pepper and vanilla with caramel sweetness.

PALATE: Yummy! Fruit drizzled stone fruit with vanilla and anise mixed with red apples, wood and sherry notes. Hints of dark roast coffee and barley. Medium-bodied and inviting. Bits of fresh toast with melted butter. Lovely balance between the fruity sweetness, wood and spices. Very drinkable and velvety smooth. Bits of citrus zest and black pepper. A few drops of water releases more wood and sweetness, but it does not need extra water. It is delicious just like that.

FINISH: Long, sweet, warming and wonderfully balanced. Fruity, sweetness and wood.


Every aspect of this Yellow Spot whiskey is just yummy. It is not the most complex whiskey, but very drinkable and delicious. When I tasted it, the words that came to mind were “accessible and inviting”. The Yellow Spot whiskey is probably my favourite “Spot” so far. (I tried Green Spot at a whisky festival).

Yellow Spot Irish Whiskey is a 12 year old version of the Green Spot which is mighty tasty on it’s own, but the extra age isn’t the only thing separating the Yellow from the Green. Like the Green Spot, Yellow Spot is aged in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks. However, unlike the Green, Yellow Spot contains single pot still whiskey that was aged in Spanish Malaga wine casks.

This additional wine influence adds a bit of complexity and sweetness not found in it’s NAS counter part; giving it additional dimension and complexity. This whiskey has ties back to the original Yellow Spot of the 1960s which was supposedly also a sweet 12 year single pot still whiskey due to the inclusion of Malaga cask aged whiskey in that original recipe which is why they do it today. I don’t know if that’s just marketing malarky or not, but what I do know is that I’d love to try the original to find out!



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