WhistlePig Rye 10 Year

WhistlePig Rye 10 Year


  • Brand:WhistlePig
  • Categories:Rye Whiskey, Whiskey
  • ABV:50%
  • Years Aged:10


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WhistlePig Rye 10 Year is a 100 proof &100 percent rye whiskey, aged for at least ten years through a unique double barrel process. Warm wooden notes from the 3 year oak bourbon cask aging give way to hints of vanilla, caramel, dried orange peel, cinnamon, allspice and clove. This whiskey has an incredible full body, something younger bottles cannot accomplish. It is rich and mouth coating, offering caramel and vanilla flavors to stand up to the classic rye spiciness that emerges on the mid palate. Later, dark chocolate and peppermint notes appear. The finish is an almost creamy flavor, leaving notes of vanilla, orange, and caramel, before hints of dark chocolate linger on the tongue. ABV 50.

Let’s start out by noting that I’m extremely late to the party on WhistlePig. The brand is one of those cult favorites that appeared out of nowhere and now fetches insane premiums where it’s not allocated. The annual Boss Hog release sells for between $500 and $1000 US!

Regular old WhistlePig releases, like this 10 year-old Straight Rye, are still expensive: Around $65 for a 750ml bottle. The rye in question is distilled in Canada at Alberta Distillers Limited (ADL, makers of Alberta Premium, Dark Horse, and other brands) and then shipped via tanker across the border to be “hand bottled” in Vermont. Some of the whiskey used by WhistlePig is aged in Canada, some is aged in Vermont, and they have also used American rye whiskey from MGP in Indiana. What a labelling nightmare that must be. Note that the company built a distillery at their farm in Shoreham, Vermont in 2015, so they have started transitioning to their own liquid starting with their FarmStock line.

Founded by late industry legend Dave Pickerell, WhistlePig is slowly growing towards their ultimate goal: 100% estate whiskey. They’re not only growing rye, they are making barrels from oak trees on the property.



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