Ketel One Oranje

Ketel One Oranje


  • Brand:Ketel One Vodka
  • Categories:Flavored Vodka, Vodka
  • ABV:40%


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There’s no substitute for natural flavor, that’s why when we make Ketel One Oranje, we start by sourcing the world’s finest fresh oranges and mandarins. Then, with the greatest care, we extract their flavor and infuse it into our vodka to deliver unmistakable notes of delicious ripe orange on the nose and the sweet citrus tang of juicy mandarin on the tongue. It’s a unique combination truly worthy of the Nolet family name. Our 80 proof vodka is meticulously crafted using exclusively 100% non-GMO grain for smoothness and is distilled in copper pot stills for a unique and refreshing tasting finish. This vodka is perfect for sipping on its own or added with your favorite cocktail. Simply fill a rocks glass with ice and add orange bitters, club soda and orange wheels for a delicious Ketel One Oranje Triple O. For over 11 generations, since our family distillery was founded in 1691, we have been dedicated to crafting the finest spirits, allowing us to unlock the secret of creating a vodka of exceptional smoothness. Ketel One Family Made Vodka is crafted with 100% non-GMO grain. It owes its distinctive quality to a combination of modern distilling techniques and the magic of traditional copper stills – including our ‘Pot Still #1.’ Come visit us in Schiedam! We’d be happy to show you around. Please drink responsibly.

Take Ketel One‘s standard wheat-based, pot-distilled vodka from Holland and add some orange distillate. You now have Ketel One Oranje, a clear spirit at 80 proof with the Cosmo croud distinctly in mind.

Ketel One Oranje is old-school orange-flavored vodka, meaning it’s more bitter than sweet. Oranje is orange peel all the way, and it’s definitely a mixer. Anyone drinking this on the rocks will find it closer to an after-dinner tonic than a fruity libation fit for the beach.

That said, I enjoy Oranje’s pedigree and its authenticity. This is an honest orange-flavored infusion, in the end. It’s just not a very versatile one.



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