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Perhaps the most notable whiskey on earth, Jameson Irish Whiskey is a crisp, sippable drink that has stood the test of time. Offering hints of vanilla, cream and freshly cut grass with a touch of sweetness, Jameson Whiskey is aged for a minimum of four years, resulting in the quintessential triple-distilled liquid that is both smooth and versatile. Simply put, it’s the stuff that turned Jameson’s green bottle into an icon, making it the brand we all know and love today. Jameson Irish Whiskey boasts a perfectly balanced flavor profile with spicy, nutty and sweet notes. The nose is lightly floral and peppered with spice, making this one of the most broadly appealing whiskeys on the market. Enjoy it straight, on the rocks, with a bit of water or mixed with club soda, ginger ale or in cocktails. With Jameson’s classic concoction, the possibilities for enjoying a true Irish tradition are endless! Buy Jameson Whiskey online at a great price through Drizly and have it delivered directly to your door or pick it up in store.

Irish whiskey has been on a tear lately and leading the charge has been Jameson which is now the number one selling Irish whiskey in the world with my beloved Bushmills coming in second. The standard Jameson Irish Whiskey is single-dramedly responsible for a large chunk of the current boom as a new generation of drinkers are discovering the joys of Irish whiskey.

Like many Irish whiskeys, Jameson is triple distilled, compared to the typical 2x distilled of Scotland and America, which removes more “impurities” and gives it more of a light clean flavor. Think of how vodka brands hype their 6, 7, 8, etc, distillations to achieve an even cleaner and lighter spirit. Jameson is also a blended Irish which means the 3x distilled malt whiskey is blended with grain whiskey which lightens the flavor and texture even more.

Overall Jameson Irish Whiskey is a tasty whiskey and I enjoy it for what it is. It’s not my first choice neat, but on the rocks it’s nice and as a mixer it’s excellent. It’s decent stuff and I’m happy to see so many people “discovering” Irish whiskey because of it.

If you’ve had Jameson Irish Whiskey add your own notes or thoughts in the comments below.


ABV: 40%

Distiller: John Jameson & Son / Irish Distillers Limited @ Midleton

Pale gold

A wafting of grain alcohol is the first thing that meets the nostrils followed by honey, pear and an ambiguous over ripe orchard fruit. A bit of malt and citrus are wandering around in there with a strange dusty quality running throughout.

A light and clean tasting beverage that starts out with malt, vanilla and under ripe citrus. Included in this flavor package are some grassy notes, cocoa and an ambiguous fruit that borders on banana with the alcohol making a strong statement, especially in the back end, with just a touch of caramel sliding around.

Light, smooth and easy to drink.

Malt and alcohol with a touch of oak and earth. It has a very short finish which I don’t really mind in this case.


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