Cointreau Mixology Set

Cointreau Mixology Set


  • Brand:Cointreau
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This Cointreau Mixology Kit is a set that contains – a 200ml cocktail mixer, a 500ml bottle of Cointreau and a stripped straw. It makes for the perfect gift at any time.


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What is Cointreau made of?

It is made with a combination of sweet peel (Citrus Sinensis) and bitter orange peel (Citrus Aurentium), pure alcohol (96%) water and sugar, resulting in an aromatic, sharp and slightly sweet spirit.

In Edouard’s own words, “I wanted to combine crystal-clear purity with the subtlety of tastes made from the perfect blend of sweet and bitter orange peels.”

The orange peel is what makes Cointreau so special because it has more than one source, including South America, West Africa, Spain and North Africa, with varieties like navel, pera and salustiana.

Most are dried, but some sweet Spanish orange peels are macerated fresh in alcohol, giving candied, vanilla notes. “The bitter orange peels give the fresh aromas,” explains Langlais. “They’re zesty, green and very volatile. The sweet are the opposite – they give the juicy orange flavours. It’s a fresh and fruity combination.” 

Aroma: a strong orange aroma, both zesty and from that of orange oil, with sweet overtones

Flavour: very, very clean and sharp, with a strong orange flavour and a touch of spice and even marmalade, in the background.

How do you drink Cointreau?

You can drink it neat or with ice, but as many mixologists will tell you, it is simply awesome in cocktails. Many, many well known cocktails have Cointreau as an ingredient. Even if you see the words Triple Sec listed as an ingredient, chances are, if the cocktail was made by someone with discerning taste, that someone meant Cointreau!

Cointreau Blood Orange

Made with the finest Corsican Blood Oranges, with 30% abv. I had been eyeing this for a long, long time, and finally, got it for Christmas last year, from my in-laws (they know me so well).

This latest deeply alluring, premium-quality spirit (…) promises to astound and enchant spirits connoisseurs and cocktail lovers alike, with the freshness of the orange flavour mingling with the velvety smooth caress of cognac for an experience of ultimate indulgence.”


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