old carter bourbon for sale, Batch 1 1396 bottles produced, barrel strength 134.9 proof. Released December 2018, Kentucky

Old Carter Whiskey

Old Carter Bourbon

old carter bourbon for sale; After Kentucky Owl was sold to Stoli Group in 2021, Mark and Sherri Carter, one half of the team behind the cult brand, decided they wanted to stay in the whiskey business. Enter, Old Carter bourbon Whiskey Company:

Old Carter Whiskey Co is the passion project by husband and wife team Mark & Sherri Carter. They began their beverage endeavors in the wine business. They produce fine wines in Napa Valley with their Carter Cellars Cabernets garnering nine perfect 100 point scores by critics. old carter bourbon for sale

116.2 Proof

59.15 ABV

SIZE: 750mL

REGION: Kentucky

PRODUCT TYPE: American Whiskey

VENDOR: Old Carter

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